Navien Boilers & Accessories

Navien is a global leading manufacturer in condensing boiler technology and has achieved international recognition for their state-of-the-art highly efficient, reliable, and sophisticated technology. All Navien boilers include a 7-Year warranty directly covered by Navien, or an increased 10-Year warranty when purchased with their smart package.

Navien boilers hold a SEDBUK ‘A’ rated condensing efficiency with a simplistic touch panel, providing full control over heating and hot water. The controller also acts as a room thermostat and shows the current efficiency and any errors regarding the boiler. The smart thermostat offers forecast check and geofencing.⁠ The controls are user friendly and can be used to control multiple zones. You can also use the likes of Google Nest, should you prefer.

The Navien gas range covers most of the domestic sector with outputs between 20kW and 33kW with a system boiler, and outputs of between 24kW to 40kW in the combination range. With variable modulation, the output is reduced to suit most system requirements. The boilers have an IPX 5D rating which will allow them to be installed outside should an internal space not be available.

The Navien oil range has three options with combination, system and regular models. All models are available as external options; with outputs between 21kW, and 36kW. A special feature is the two-stage oil pump allowing approximately 20% reduction in output if required. With blue flame boilers and a stainless-steel heat exchanger, these boilers are giving ultra-low NOX emissions. The weight is also impressive at only 67kg, allowing for easier installation.

All Navien oil and gas boilers use the same flue. This is a 60/100 plastic flue which is now standard from most gas boiler manufacturers, but not oil manufacturers. The advantage of this is that flues are interchangeable, thus if you are installing gas or oil, you don’t have to worry about left over bits as they can be used on the next installation.