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Roth EnergyLogic Touchline

Roth Energylogic Touchline


The latest in Smart Home Technology

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Roth EnergyLogic Touchline – state of-the-art wireless control system for optimum living comfort The Roth EnergyLogic Touchline wireless control system enables the temperature in every room to be monitored precisely to determine heating requirements. This data is collected and continuously analysed by the control distributor to ensure that the associated heating circuit or actuators are optimally controlled. Each room is thus provided with the right amount of energy at the right time, preventing any overheating and enabling the temperature to be controlled quickly and precisely. This can save up to 20 percent of heating costs.

The LAN connection and other communication interfaces make it possible to extend the system and integrate heat generators quickly. The Touchline room control unit forms part of the overall system. All Touchline room control units feature a high-gloss surface with an easily readable display and five sensor buttons. The innovative sensor buttons are highly responsive and resistant to dirt and wear. With a PC or laptop, it is possible to set up a direct connection to the Roth wireless control system via the integrated LAN interface. This means, for example, that system values such as room temperatures can be read out easily and setpoint values can be changed. System parameters can also be monitored easily and conveniently via a PC, especially in large residential buildings. In future, the LAN interface on the control unit will enable connections to the Internet or to a WLAN network, so communication with smartphones will be possible. An integrated SD memory card with boot loader software makes it easy to upgrade the system without replacing the control unit.

More than just a room thermostat with each Touchline in-room radio control unit, the room temperature can be set directly – but that’s not all. The unit also provides additional information and access to all system parameters as required. The Touchline in-room radio control units are part of the complete Touchline radio control system. The current room temperature is permanently shown on the large display panel. The temperature can be adjusted easily and directly at any time using the two upper sensor buttons. During operation, the units also provide additional information about the battery status, radio connection and operating mode. The menu button can be used to select various operating modes (heating, reduced, timer programmes etc.). An efficiency display supplies information about the current energy consumption. Every in-room control unit has two menu levels: Timer programmes and battery saving modes are user menu items.

  • Latest smart home technology
  • Operate from your PC or laptop
  • Wireless control
  • Easy setup and operation

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