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Roth EnergyLogic Basicline

Roth EnergyLogic Basicline


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Roth Basicline 24V, wired control system for underfloor heating
The Roth Basicline system is used for control and adjustment of the room temperature with underfloor heating systems. At just 18 mm, these thermostats are some of the thinnest on the market. A Basicline system consists a 6 or 12-channel control unit wired to the thermostats. These are available in a standard version, or a version with a floor sensor (multi-thermostat).

Technical Description

Roth Basicline is a wired, 24-volt system designed for underfloor heating systems. It has been developed especially for the Nordic market by Roth Nordic, and the system is suitable for all Roth shunt/mixers and distributor systems. The system has a wide range of features that makes it quick and easy to install, while ensuring perfect yet economical comfort for user and long service life for the pump, valves and actuators.

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EnergyLogic Basicline

There are two thermostat variants available; a standard version and a multi version, both in white RAL 9016. The thermostats come equipped with an LED behind the front which lights up when there is heat demand. The rotary knob is used to set the temperature. The multi-thermostat comes complete with a floor sensor and sensor option for determining a maximum floor temperature or a minimum comfortable floor temperature. The control unit can be mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN rail or using ordinary bolts. An LED indicates whether there is heat demand on the individual channels and whether there is power to the control unit. The thermostats are connected by means of an ordinary 0.34 mm² wire with 4 conductors. The thermostats are enrolled automatically when the cable is connected. The control unit has a 230V pump relay, and the pump is powered directly from the control unit. The control unit also has a relay for boiler control.

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