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Quality Pert Pipe to suit a smaller budget

Orange Heating Supplies have many plumbing and heating engineers who are working to a high spec for their customers. These customers want the best quality and highest priced products on everything fitted in their home, with no limit on budget for their installation. However, there are customers who need you as a specialist to provide a more economical solution which is still of good quality and does the same job.
As an independent plumbing and heating merchant, Orange Heating Supplies, are able to supply products to fit every type of job that you will come across.

We now have in stock Spanish PERT underfloor heating pipe as well as Roth MLCP made in Germany. The pipe is good quality and is coloured Orange and we are so confident with the product, we have branded it under OHS. It is certificated for use with heating only and cannot be used for potable domestic water supplies.

We know quality is important to every installer, no workman wants return visits due to poor quality products and we have found a product which fits the market of quality with budget in mind.
We pride ourselves on providing quality products, so this is a budget quality pipe that doesn’t compromise your standards. Give it a go to see what you think. If you are interested in seeing a sample, get in touch with helen@orangeheatin