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Dry System – Roth ClimaComfort®

Roth ClimaComfort®


Roth ClimaComfort® TBS System Panel

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Flexible system with one insulation panel type. Whether it be for new construction or renovation the Roth Dry Construction System will meet the widest array of requirements.

Only one single system panel is required for laying the insulation. This ensures simple, secure and timesaving installation and allows for flexibility in the layout. The low installation height and the low mass per unit area the use of the Roth Dry Construction System, is particularly good for buildings undergoing renovation. The height of the Roth TBS system panel is only 33 mm.

This means that the entire installation height for the floor structure falls between 48 mm and 59 mm, depending on the load-distribution layer used. The installation on the wall, including dry-mounted boards, amounts to 46 mm. Together with the diffusion-proof and dimensionally stable Roth Alu-Laserflex 14 mm system heating pipe, you have a system of parts which works optimally with one another.

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  • 25 mm high Roth ClimaComfort® TBS System Panel – ideal for renovation
  • Simple, time-saving and flexible installation & low weight per unit of area
  • Heat-conducting lamellas made from high-performance aluminium for optimum heat output
  • Panels interlock by means of a groove/notch system
  • Heat-conducting lamellas are held securely on the ClimaComfort TBS System Panel
  • Heat-conducting lamellas with predetermined breaking points so that they can be separated into the desired lengths
  • Simple and flexible pipe installation with an installation spacing of 15 cm
  • Direction of installation either horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • Suited to both wet and dry construction

Profoil overlay boards

An alternative overlay system are the Profoil boards in optional depths 18mm to 40mm though the standard sizes are 20mm and 25mm.

At Orange Heating supplies we pride ourselves on offering a service where we ensure that you have the correct system for your project, we can assist you from conception to completion.

We always keep track of the latest innovations, so we are one step ahead with the latest technologies available.

Our aim is to supply good quality products at reasonable prices, we can offer you flexibility with our in-house Underfloor Heating design service. We will determine the area, zones and materials required for your project.

Our design service will require a copy of your building plans via our contact form, email or post. Once we have received the plans we aim to return them to you including a quotation within 48 hours.

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