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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating


Orange Heating Supplies are here to help and can provide you with individual underfloor heating components or complete underfloor heating kits, which we hold in stock for collection, local same day delivery or national next day delivery.

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Underfloor heating (UFH) has long been recognised as the best way to heat a building. Offering a comfortable environment which can be run at lower temperature to radiators, saving energy and making it compatible with most heat sources.

Underfloor heating is not a new concept, continental Europe have been installing for many years and many products and manufacturers are based there. We use Roth, Europe’s leading German manufacturer, as our chosen supplier of pipe and fittings.

There are many options for you to consider with UFH, you could opt for a mixed system with UFH installed just in a kitchen or garden room extension. We tailor our designs to your requirements and can specify and supply a system compatible with your needs and heat source at a competitive price.

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Roth ClimaComfort Compact System
Lewis System

Roth consider quality and reassurance to be paramount, from the creation of the product through manufacturing and storage, all the way to delivery. High-quality products and services form the basis for worldwide insurance protection, which also covers long-term damage in the event of possible defects. A liability agreement guarantees insurance protection even in the event that production is discontinued.

The details are found in the Roth certificate of warranty which confirms the existence of insurance coverage with a face value of up to 5 million euros for injury to persons and property damage for each individual incident; this cover applies to every Roth floor heating and cooling system for a period of up to ten years after start-up.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, providing an even room temperature over the whole room.
  • Economical to operate. Especially suited to weather compensated controls.
  • Interior design benefits, furniture can be placed where ever you want.
  • UFH installation is compatibility for use with any heat source from boilers through to heat pumps.

Why work with Orange Heating Supplies?

At Orange Heating supplies we pride ourselves on offering a service where we ensure that you have the correct system for your project, we can assist you from conception to completion.

We always keep track of the latest innovations, so we are one step ahead with the latest technologies available.

Our aim is to supply good quality products at reasonable prices, we can offer you flexibility with our in-house Underfloor Heating design service. We will determine the area, zones and materials required for your project.

Our design service will require a copy of your building plans via our contact form, email or post. Once we have received the plans we aim to return them to you including a quotation within 48 hours.

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