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Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

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This system is a whole house solution which both supplies and extracts stale air throughout a property, provides fresh filtered air and negates the use of trickle vents as it eliminates moisture and consequently condensation. It reuses up to 95% of the heat that would have otherwise been lost, or in the summer will bypass the heat exchanger and disposes of the heat outside. It uses a network of ducting throughout the property which is why design and planning is key to a successful system. Whilst not always suitable for retrofitting, it may be possible in bungalows using the roof space for laying the pipes. Heat is recovered from extracted air via a heat exchanger inside the unit and pre-warms the fresh incoming air which is supplying the living areas and bedrooms.

The MVHR can also offer cooling by adding another module to the system. The cooling is passive unlike air conditioning which is active and requires power to operate.

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Zehnder ComfoairQ MVHR
  • SAP compliant
  • Certified for Passive Housing
  • No condensation
  • Clean air, Ideal for people with allergies
  • Increased efficiency of existing heating system

At Orange Heating supplies we pride ourselves on offering a service where we ensure that you have the correct system for your project, we can assist you from conception to completion.

We always keep track of the latest innovations, so we are one step ahead with the latest technologies available. Our aim is to supply good quality products at reasonable prices.

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