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Heat Interface Units

Heat Interface Units

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There are Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) used for a variety of applications.  They act as a system separator to allow control over individual points. These may be single apartments linked to a district heating system, industrial or commercial applications.  The HIU unit provides a single point of control which delivers improved efficiency and reduced running costs. Systems can be fitted with wireless control and weather compensating modulation providing additional control.

The benefit of ESBE Controlled HIU’s is the complete solution for your heating and hot water on a heat network. They offer cost efficient solutions for multi-dwelling developments, leisure, commercial, domestic and industrial which inside Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) provide.

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Essco heat interface unit

A primary consideration in modern construction is increased energy efficiency, user comfort and energy billing – particularly in multi-dwelling buildings. A result of Centralised District Heating schemes, supplied by a combination of traditional and renewable energy sources, are becoming widely accepted as the industry norm for new build developments. ESBE Controlled Heat Interface Units give Consultants and Engineers a reliable solution which provide eco-friendly, efficient temperature control whilst achieving high energy efficiency and user comfort.

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  • One HIU fits all (5-70kW) – using specialized control valves
  • Upgrade facilities with simple interchangeable units
  • Intelligent controllers give efficient primary control and plate pre-heat for faster response.
  • Esbe TMV for enhanced DHW user comfort
  • Quality brands – Grundfos, ESBE, SWEP
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Fully insulated
  • No gas supply required to individual apartments
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs
  • Lower maintenance
  • Greater energy efficiency

Heat interface Units are used separate heating areas from the main heating source. These are commonly used on a district heat main that is used to heat multiple apartments. There are many variations depending on your requirements which can be specified.

At Orange Heating supplies we pride ourselves on offering a service where we ensure that you have the correct system for your project, we can assist you from conception to completion.

We always keep track of the latest innovations, so we are one step ahead with the latest technologies available.

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