M-Press Stainless 304 Water 22mm 90 Degree Street Elbow

M-Press range of stainless press fittings designed to be used for general hot and cold-water services, heating and potable water.


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Formed components (fittings) material no.: 1.4404 according to EN 10088 /316L
Casting components (threaded fittings) material no.: 1.4408 according to EN 10283 /316L
Pipes material no.: 1.4404 according to EN 10312 (ECO 316L)

Provided your M-Press Copper fittings have been installed correctly and as per the installation guidelines set out by M-Press they will be covered under a 40 year warranty.

A premium grade stainless fitting, designed for use with:
Drinking water (fully WRAS approved)
Purified water
Cooling water (chilled water)
Boosted cold water
Plant rooms

Pressure and temperature ratings:
When used alongside fittings with EPDM seals for applications other than Compressed Air:
15-22mm: (PN40) 40bar -30deg C to +120deg C
28-35mm: (PN25) 25bar -30deg C to +120deg C
42-108mm: (PN16) 16bar -30deg C to +120deg C

Press tools:
All M-Press stainless fittings follow the popular M profile and are therefore compatible with all M profile tooling.

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WRAS Approved & 50 Year Warranty


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