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Press Fittings v’s Traditional Brazing

Time is money and in the competitive world of plumbing it is best to keep one step ahead of the competition and to work as efficiently as possible to maximise your time.

Press fittings are around three times quicker than brazing joints and with no need for hot works on site; it has become, in a lot of cases, the must do process.

As health and safety at work is paramount, the additional advantage is there is no requirement for waiting time on site after the pipes are fitted to comply with health and safety regulations as no heat has been used in the process.  There are no hot works permits needed to use press fit technology, removing the additional considerations which working with hot works brings.

If you have a policy of not using hot works you can actually save money, as your liability insurance premiums may well come down.

When soldering, there is also a real risk that carbon deposits or flux may be left as a by-product of the installation as well as possibly marking or scorching walls and surfaces, this risk is removed by using press fit technology.

Press fittings offer more peace of mind, some crimp/press guns offer the ability for a digital print out which will testify that the joints are sound. With traditional methods, there is also a risk that if the installer cannot get the solder to flow correctly around the joint, this could result in leaks. As an example, a 180mm press fitting takes around 30 seconds to press! As opposed to a traditional method which could take up to 5 minutes.

The picture shows a recent installation of copper fittings in a service area for Ark Property Services.  In addition to speed in the current hot weather it has to be a must for loft areas and confined spaces where speed and efficiency are definitely advantageous!

At Orange Heating Supplies we deal with customers locally and nationally, we offer a variety of press fittings in Copper, Stainless steel and Carbon steel for use on Water, Gas and chemical applications.

You can find out more on our Metal Press Fittings page or get in touch by calling us on 01603567594.