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Farmers Maximising Profitability from Renewable Incentives

Poultry Shed

In uncertain financial times we all need to save time and money and diversify our approach to farming. Fortunately, we can do so by installing renewable energy sources in poultry and pig sheds as there are still very generous incentives in place to assist you. There is money available through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and locally through BEE Anglia which is an organisation encouraging businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the rising cost of fossil fuels and the global depletion of stock, renewable heat sources must be the answer. There are various methods available such as Ground Source, Air Source, and Water Source. Ground source heat pumps in conjunction with an underfloor heating system can be used to both increase and take the heat away from the building, this works particularly well with a poultry unit where the birds are close to the ground. Birds generate heat as they grow and as they are close to the ground this will heat the floor, having the ability to remove the heat when the birds are fully grown helps the ventilation cooling system. This can also assist in preventing moisture in the litter than if there were no slab temperature control. The efficiency of a ground source heat pump can be around 400-500%. Other options are Air and water source, both being highly effective and efficient running at 300-400% efficiency.

Whilst bio mass is still a viable alternative, there is a supply and demand cost implication and is comparably high maintenance. Teamed with reduced RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments, other methods are considerably more attractive.
In pig farming where farrowing sheds are used, underfloor heating is a great solution teamed with ground source heat pumps. Alongside the standard method of collectors or boreholes it is possible to make use of the heat generated from the Slurry through inserting coils inside slurry tanks which can recycle the heat generated.

Benefits include:

• Increase in yield and mortality due to dryer living conditions
• Birds are 4% heavier
• Renewable heating can reduce running costs by 75%
• Heating and Hot water via UFH increases bird performance
• Reduction in Pododermatitis due to constant temperatures being maintained and reduction in moisture from litter.
• Reduces bedding costs
• Supported by RHI which means regular payback paid quarterly for the next 20 years
• Some more traditional systems require considerable maintenance and topping up with fuel
• Clean and safe system
• Grants of up to £50,000 for businesses to implement energy efficient measures through BEE

Orange Heating Supplies offer a full design and supply service and can recommend installers for your project who are MCS registered and can therefore advise on RHI Paybacks.