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Here at Orange Heating supplies we believe in giving sound advice and only sell you what is needed for the job. When underfloor heating is installed it is often over complicated with the installation of thermostats. The modern home is designed where there is a high level of insulation and people live with the internal doors open. Ventilation systems when installed are moving air around the building keeping a fresh feel in the living environment. Most people want a comfortable living space and rarely want to have each area at different temperatures. Although some areas need to be able to be controlled at lower temperatures such as bedrooms the main living areas are a fairly constant 21c and therefore we would recommend one thermostat for the main living area and sub stats for other areas. You can have a system where there is a master thermostat and slave stats or a system where each area works independantly. Bedrooms and ensuites can be combined as one to save on thermostats and pipe.

Other than the ROTH control systems we also supply, Salus, Danfoss, Reliance and Honeywell thermostats.

Reliance Thermastat Control
Basicline T clock thermostat

Roth Energylogic Basicline


Roth Energylogic Touchline

Salus Controls

Salus Control Systems