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Working with contractors

Orange Heating Supplies have been working in collaboration with TGA services, commercial and residential contractors who have been appointed by The Maids Head hotel to complete phase 2 of their renovation project. This includes upgrading the existing pipework for 45 high specification bathrooms which are being replumbed and refitted. TGA contacted Orange Heating Supplies to suggest a solution for the pipework required. Consideration had to be given to the fact the building is listed and some parts of the building date back over 800 years. Due to the historical importance of the property, there were restrictions of the use of hot works on site and the need to avoid any unnecessary risk to the building and minimal disruption to the hotel operation. Collaborative working with contractor TGA Services

Orange Heating advised TGA to use Roth MLCP pipe and pressed fittings to offer peace of mind for quality and leak free installation. The advantages to the installation team for using this solution was that the pipe could run up to 100 metres without any joints, allowing existing voids to be used to run the pipes through. MLCP pipe is WRAS approved and offers good noise suppression which is an important factor for the hotel, in addition to being corrosion resistant. The Roth system provided the ideal solution.

The TGA plumbing department undertook certificated training supplied by Roth through Orange Heating Supplies to ensure the highest manufacturer standards of installation are met.